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Dental Implants

Replace Lost Teeth with Dental Implants

Sometimes, our teeth require a large procedure in order to make the mouth and gums healthy. If teeth become too diseased or damaged, it might be necessary to remove a tooth, or series of teeth, all together. This can be the case for advanced gum or tooth disease that has rendered the existing teeth unstable or structurally unsound. Teeth might also have to be removed if they run the risk of infecting otherwise healthy teeth within the mouth. Further, damaged teeth may have to be removed completely if they are beyond repair. This is often the case with broken teeth from accidents or sports injuries. If a tooth is removed though, there are still options to have a healthy and complete smile. Dental implants are a great way to maintain a full and happy smile, even when teeth must be removed. Dental implants can be used for replacing a single tooth, or an entire series of teeth. This method usually involves first completely removing the broken or damaged teeth. In their place, a metal peg is added, implanted into the gum line. This gives something for the artificial tooth, or teeth, to adhere to. Just like with a dental crown, an artificial tooth is placed and cemented around the metal peg, giving the appearance of a flawless smile. The artificial tooth will be shaped to look just like a natural tooth so that it blends in seamlessly.
Depending on the nature of the disease or injury, this process may be covered by dental insurance. In some cases though, only a portion of the procedure might be covered. It is important to find an affordable dental provider to ensure that you will be able to have this procedure completed. An affordable dental provider will work with you, and your budget, to find the best course of action to still maintain a beautiful smile. Dentists have several tools and materials at their disposal, so often simply finding the right materials to fit your budget will be enough. An affordable dental office can also sometimes help with the financial obligation by setting up an affordable payment plan. It can help to split the cost of a procedure up into several smaller payments. After all, a smile can add a huge amount of confidence to a person, so maintaining a healthy and natural smile following tooth removal is imperative. Work with the experts at August Dentistry to find an affordable and cost effective option to help you maintain a beautiful smile, even after a tooth removal. We are a caring and affordable dentist that cares about people and their confidence first.

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