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General Dentistry

Trusted Family Dentistry

For the vast majority of people, a simple dental visit twice a year is enough to tackle the majority of tooth related concerns. Not only is a regular dental visit a great way to keep the teeth and gums healthy, but it is a perfect way to stay ahead of concerns, before they become major issues. As part of a general dentistry exam, the teeth are examined and cleaned. Typically, a hygienist will work to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth and around the gums. The hygienist will also work to polish the teeth, to keep them looking healthy and strong. During a general dentistry visit, the dentist will typically take X-rays. This is the perfect way to examine the parts of the teeth below the gum line, and also to monitor any changes to the tooth alignment and jaw bone. A dentist will then examine the teeth and X-rays to ensure a healthy and happy smile.
General dentistry is not just for adults. In fact, it is probably more important to have a healthy dental exam for children and teenagers. This is the time in a person's life when the teeth are forming, and growing into their appropriate positions within the mouth. With regular dental exams when the teeth are young, it is possible to correct any issues that may form in an adult mouth. This is why it is important to find a practice that offers family dentistry. Not only is it necessary to treat the entire family, but family dentistry is well versed in all stages of tooth and jaw development. A family dentist will understand how the teeth are expected to grow and change over time, and can make medical recommendations and suggestions to help improve the quality and appearance of adult teeth. Trust the team at August Dentistry for your general and family dentistry needs.

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