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White Fillings

Mask Tooth Issues with White Fillings and Dental Crowns

Sometimes the teeth require a little extra care. This is care that goes beyond routine cleanings to remove tartar and plaque. Sometimes, a filling is needed to help keep a tooth structurally sound. If a tooth becomes infected, a cavity can form. A cavity is an indentation, usually through the center or edge of the tooth. To prevent the cavity from spreading, a filling is typically used. This method removes the area surrounding the cavity, and fills it with a hard substance. This is an excellent way to remove the problem while still protecting the integrity of the tooth. In the past, fillings have been made of metal, with a distinct metallic appearance. These are very noticeable, and not always the most appealing. At August Dentistry, we are happy to offer white fillings. Not only do white fillings do a better job at keeping your tooth strong, but they are barely noticeable, and blend in seamlessly with your other teeth.
Unfortunately though, sometimes circumstances have advanced too far and the tooth is no longer structurally sound. If left unchecked, a patient runs the risk of having disease spread to otherwise healthy teeth. Or, a patient runs the risk of having the tooth break or chip, creating a painful scenario. Dental crowns are a common procedure that can help remove much of the existing tooth, while still giving you a flawless smile. To put dental crowns into place, a good portion of the natural tooth is ground away, leaving a very thin shape. The dental crown, after being formed and shaped to look like your own natural tooth, is permanently cemented in place over your ground down tooth. The dental crown seamlessly blends with your natural teeth, and works and functions as a natural tooth would. Dental crowns are a great solution when having a tooth removed, while still maintaining a flawless smile. Dental crowns can also be used in cosmetic dentistry to improve a smile.

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